Corporate Social Responsibility

  Our company seeks to improve conditions around the less developed area of Mongolia, through our social contribution programs. Company-wide, we utilize our strengths and resources to benefit local communities and help children and families in need. Individually, our employees are encouraged to take part in the many volunteer programs offered by the company.   


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Help us to reach the people who need our help!


Children ought to have a clean, safe, well-lit environment in which to learn, but for many communities around the world, the resources necessary to make that happen are simply too scarce. Realizing this need, Soyombo Printing has been transforming neglected schools and community centers into children's libraries at sites all around countrysides.


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With library building being refurbished all around the world, the next task for Soyombo Printing was to fill those libraries with books, so we run a parallel program through which we donate books in the names of guests who visit Soyombo Printing's corporate promotion center located at the head office in Ulaanbaatar. By building libraries and filling them with books, we can invest in the future.


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